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Our Mission is to create smiles across the Hudson Valley and Beyond!

Our History

Established in 2014, Country Kids is the standard for Kettle Corn others try to duplicate. Levon & Deb started with one goal in mind: To deliver the most mouthwatering, savory tasting Kettle Corn in the Hudson Valley, while also providing the highest level of customer service. Popcorn was always a part of Levon’s family growing up in upstate New York. His paternal grandfather (George Carpenter) made popcorn several times a week. “We would visit him often as he lived next door.” Every time we would be offered some warm popcorn and a small soda. If you were lucky, you would be the one standing next to him while he measured out the ingredients. I always paid attention to what he said about the importance of using only the best ingredients and the proportions of oil to kernels.

Levon & Deb - Country Kids Kettle Corn

His grandfather would have popcorn for anyone who visited. He would often take some to his friends as a small gift, a treat to remember him by. We always looked forward to visiting him for lots of laughs and of course his scrumptious popcorn that brought smiles to everyone.

Several decades and many years later, Deb and Levon began talking about opening a small business for some fun. They discussed several different possibilities while eating a snack of popcorn. The only one that seemed to be just right, yes, popcorn. Not just plain popcorn, but Kettle corn.

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